In 2016, I was hired to design logos and packaging for a new all-natural rehydration drink called Hang-O. Hang-O was a placeholder name, and the founder of the company wanted to completely re-brand. After conducting a study on the brand’s primary selling point compared the other drinks in the rehydration category, I found that what appealed most to people was that the beverage was only 30 calories. I began drawing up what stood out to me most about the drink, and we decided to rename it Thirty.



We wanted to create brand imagery showing who we thought our target market was. Whether it was athletes, kids, the yoga demographic, cyclers, we wanted to show the diversity of Thirty and how it could be useful for all walks of life. Since Thirty’s launch, they have partnered with brands such as Lululemon, Cycle Bar, and is currently carried by Kroger grocery stores across the Midwest.