While at Miami University, Formica Group approached our Entrepreneurship team with a problem. They stated that Formica is currently having trouble connecting with millennials. While Formica used to be a household name, only 3% of millennials know

what Formica is. Our task was to create a way for Formica to reach millennials.


Our team chose to create a product that was eco-friendly, customizable and suited the needs of the continually moving millennial called Brij. We found that the majority of millennials rent rather than buy and will have lived in up to four different apartments, condos, or homes by the time they hit 35.


The problem with renting apartments, condos, or homes is that you can’t always change the countertops or redecorate. We wanted to create something that millennials could use to make their living space their own.


Our team created the first ever interchangeable tiling system where millennials could customize colors and materials to create a unique decorating process. Customers could have the opportunity to have standard tiles or technology infused tiles which could house wireless chargers or smart scales.

To paint the picture for Formica, we created a series of graphics showing our Brij system in a modern kitchen. To illustrate the customizable features that our system had to offer, we created a comparison between existing products, and how several of our features could provide a similar user experience. We showed how customized picture tiles would resemble Nike’s ID program, how our smart scale integrated with FitBit technology, and how a wireless charging port could be possible with similar technology to the PowerMat.